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Sony has allowed indie developers to create games for its PS3 console and the fans appreciated this diversity. Microsoft should take example from Sony and implement this idea on the Xbox One. There are lots of smart indie game developers and if they would be allowed to create small-scale games on this platform, it would be great. Microsoft was thinking of turning every Xbox One unit into a Dec Kit, but the idea was suspended and the fans are worried that their dream will never come true. The Xbox One was released two years ago, but the manufacturer still doesn’t plan to support indies.

In an interview for Polygon, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has talked about the idea supporting indies and he said that Microsoft is interested in bringing it to life, but the Dev kit notion is a ways off. Spencer told Polygon’s Nick Robinson that “I cannot update on that front right now, but I think the idea that you’re talking about is a perfect example of … way back in the day, third-party publishers paid thousands of dollars for console dev kits. That clearly kept you and I from starting a game company, because it would soak up most of our money just buying the dev kits.”

Spencer admits that Sony did a great job, but back in those days, Microsoft had its own ID@Xbox program and the members who were accepted had received two dev kits. He added that “We don’t want the price of the hardware to be a barrier. And you can distribute them digitally so you don’t even have to deal with all the retail stuff and make that work.”

The concept is still appealing, but most likely, if Microsoft will ever materialize it, the company will think of the right moment, when it will come up with some “hardware upgrades”. On the other hand, Microsoft is encouraging indie developers to create games for PC and intends to bridge the gap between PC and Xbox.