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There are many people who are playing GTA 5 and its Online multiplayer component and Rockstar is releasing new DLCs every now an then, in order to keep fans’ interest level high, but they’re still curious to know when they will be able to play the upcoming GTA 6. The latest rumors say that the game will arrive in 2019, at least, because the developer is waiting for the major console manufacturers to release the PS 5 and Xbox Two devices. In this article we’ll tell you about the rumored features and the female character that will be voiced by Eva Mendes, theoretically.

The next GTA 6 is expected to bring more aerial missions, more weapons and ammunitions and cheat codes. Also, the game will come with full VR support, as there is a rumor saying that an individual developer is already working on one, but it’s not sure when it will be released. Also, the next installment is expected to come with a female character, but analysts believe that there will be multiple protagonists. If rumors will prove to be right, then Eva Mendes, a famous Hollywood actress will lend her voice to GTA’s female protagonist and her real life partner, actor Ryan Gosling, will also use his voice for a male protagonist.

However, regardless of whether they signed a confidentiality contract or not, neither Eva Mendes nor Ryan Gosling will admit that they’re collaborating with Rockstar, preferring to keep the secret until the game will be released. Grand Theft Auto co-author Even Dan Houser has suggested in the past that the company is taking into consideration the addition of a lead female character, without referring to GTA or other game. Currently, only in GTA Online, the players can take the role of a female character, while in story mode, they are forced to play as a male character.

As for the map, the rumors say that it will be much bigger, and according to the Reddit user VermillionDemonFox, it will be a combination of all the previous maps from the other GTA installments. One of the wanted features is teleportation, and if Rockstar will add it, then the players will be able to teleport from one place to another.