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Wild explosions, juvenile humor and crazy deviations from the actual missions are just some of the elements of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series that fans know and love. Since the first installation, this game has been providing an open-ended experience to players, which makes it very fun. Having experienced the craziness of GTA V, fans are now eagerly awaiting for what the sequel would be like.

Coming with the hype about GTA 6’s release date, people are wondering what would be the type of experience the new game will bring. As with any other GTA game, GTA 6 is greeted by a lot of discussion, including the different nuances and features that fans would want to include in it. After careful observation, it seems that people will be happy to see the game having these perks:

Multiple Protagonists

There was just something about the multiple-protagonist feature in GTA V that worked. Having never been done in other GTA games, this became a huge selling point for the game. Fans happily welcomed the ability to switch between main characters, where it did not take long for individual players to find their own favorite characters. Now, social media and various message boards show that, while it is not a problem for Rockstar to return to having a single main protagonist, the multi-character dynamics would allow players to breathe a little longer. It will definitely be a welcome addition to GTA VI’s features.

Massive Pieces of Action Sets

The bank heists in GTA V really fit into its story line perfectly, but this does not necessarily mean that it should be the case for the new installation. Simply having the same scenarios would no longer offer fans the highest level of satisfaction, but it does not also mean that massive pieces of action sets should be thrown away. In fact, fans feel that more action-packed scenes should be included in the new game.

Enhanced Director Mode on All Consoles

Fans were only introduced to the Director Mode concept on consoles when the developer released it as part of the Freemode Events Update in September last year. This means players only had a short period of time to enjoy such a feature and only on the consoles they have at their disposal, so this should be included in GTA VI. And because it did not quite impressed some players, as it did not really offer things outside of capturing random events, the feature should be enhanced, like allowing players to be able to create their own missions or even entire set pieces. How cool is that?!

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are disappearing in the modern video gaming world, but they are surely something that venerable gamers would not forget. Entering those combinations of buttons and instantly having some godlike abilities or receiving great weapons will not only be cool in GTA VI, but also sweet.

Simple Sprint Button

In GTA V, mashing the buttons was a core part of the gameplay experience, specifically when players want to sprint. As an antiquated piece of gameplay design, it should be something that the sequel does away with. A simpler and more convenient approach, which already exists in other modern games, would be preferable.

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