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Companies are usually attacked by hackers, who want to steal important data, but Microsoft intends to improve its Windows 10’s security capabilities and the next step is to add Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a feature that will create a profile of the computer and will analyze its behavior, so when a security breach is detected, the IT managers will be immediately alerted. When a hacker will attack the system, administrators will be guided to remediate the problem.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection will help companies to stop security breaches, and this service will allow IT managers to know when they’re facing online threats, so that they can keep them under control. Usually, a company realizes that it suffered a security breach only after 200 days and it needs 80 more days to get the situation under control.

Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, said that Windows Defender ATP will detect these odd behaviors sooner and IT managers will stop the disaster on time. This service is giving Microsoft access to usage data from the device with Windows 10 on it and the machine learning system behind ATP detects attacks, no matter how sophisticated they are.

Microsoft is fighting against hackers with other features, as well: Credential Guard, Device Guard, Windows Hello and Enterprise Data Protection, but Windows 10 needed Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection because it’s more advanced and for starters, it will protect the security of 500,000 devices. Microsoft is gathering feedback from the early adopter customers, just like it did with Windows 10, and so far, the customers were extremely satisfied with the efficiency of this tool.

In the near future, Windows Defender ATP will be released to all users and Microsoft has assured us that will be more transparent with its Windows 10 and its features, but for now, the company doesn’t know when this service will be available worldwide.

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