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The workers who are sending money to their families and friends who live in their home countries are using Western Union or other services. Without any doubts, Western Union is one of the most used ones.

Well, Western Union has joined Viber last month in order to make those transfers easier for the users. With other words, you will be able to send Western Union money to your friends and family directly from the Viber application.

Viber has added support for the well known money transfer company via its WU Connect API that was released last year. Viber’s users will be able to access a payment feature directly from the messaging application, but they will be limited to sending maximum 499 dollars at once to their friends and family in other countries. We remind you that with Western Union you can send money in ANY country with physical Western Union locations, and is almost in every country on Earth.

It seems that Western Union is trying to keep the pace with other online-based services such as BitCoin, WorldRemite or other digital currencies. The other currencies we’ve mentioned are being used in order to cut down on foreign exchange fees.

Unfortunately, Western Union will still be the more expensive option to send money all over the world, but thanks to its security measures, such as the name + security code, the users will prefer to stick to it.

Viber has a huge user base and Western Union is pretty confident that there will be many users who will start using its services thanks to this popular messaging application.

You will be able to use the Western Union money transfer feature on your Viber application on your iOS or Android device, but keep in mind that, for now, this works only in the United States.