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The traditional methods of unlocking an iPhone are the passcode entry or the Touch ID. Now, there is another way of unlocking your phone has been available that is called PressUnlock and it is a quicker method than passcode.

With this tweak, you will be able to unlock your iPhone with the single number. You just have to press and hold the digit on your locked screen and you will see that the iPhone is unlocked even without putting in the whole passcode. For example, from your tweak, if you have set 4 as your passcode number, then you just have to tap and hold number 4 to unlock and open your phone.

Although, the method is pretty quick and hassle free, but it also comes up with the loophole that if anyone sees you pressing that digit or knows your passcode, then they can simply apply it themselves in your absence. That could lead to the breach of your privacy.

When you install this tweak in your phone, then go to the Settings option and enable the passcode. You have a choice to set any of your number as the passcode that lays in between the 0-9 that you have to hold and unlock your iPhone.

If you are restoring or restarting your phone, then tweak will stop working. At that time, you have to enter complete passcode of your iPhone and tweak will start functioning when phone will restart completely.

This is a straight forward and rapid way of unlocking the phone, but if you have security concerns, then it is wise to disable this tweak.

You can download the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and run it on the device powered with iOS 7 to iOS 9.