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Android 6.0 (aka Marshmallow) is here and the only thing you need to wondering is when you will be getting the update. Well, that is if you belong to the list of devices that will be updated to use the latest version of Android. So if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a Samsung Galaxy Edge, you’re in luck because your devices are part of the update rollout.

The Marshmallow update isn’t just for 2016: as early as October 2015, devices were updated with this latest system. A roadmap has been linked showing when various devices will be getting a Marshmallow update. Here’s the schedule:

  • Galaxy S5 – March/April 2016
  • Galaxy S6 – February/March 2016
  • Galaxy S6 Edge – February/March 2016

The tricky business of Android updates

Android’s update release schedule is best described as complicated. Why is that the case? One of the major reasons for the complex process is that a lot of entities are involved in the creation of an update: Google, carriers, chipmakers and device makers. With these many parties involved, a lot of things can go wrong.

In other words, the life of an Android user can be described as follows: either you wait eagerly for new updates to arrive or you just carry on and be surprised to find a new update has made its way to you. Then again, it’s much more complicated than that.

Updates also have to depend on the specific carrier, model and region. In fact, there are cases when you may not receive the update at all despite your device being included in the list of devices that need to be updated.

Here’s another complex matter when it comes to Android updates: sometimes, it doesn’t matter if your device is listed and confirmed as one that is getting an update. Why does this happen? On certain occasions, the OEM decides to change their minds. Basically, some of the lists they put out aren’t even final.

Basically, if this were to be summed up: patience is definitely a virtue that must be practiced if one is eager to receive an Android update.

Android 6.0 features

New features come with every Android update and here’s what’s in store for Marshmallow:

  • Now on Tap – this feature provides spot-on answers really fast. It’s best described as something that anticipates what you need. For instance, you can get a series of cards loaded with useful information as well as apps that satisfy your need to know with just one single tap.
  • Smarter battery – one of the features here include automatically putting device into a sleep state when it is at rest. Another battery-saving feature included in this category is not allowing apps in Standby mode to drain batteries.
  • Enhanced security – you no longer need to give apps access all the time. In fact, you have to define what you want to share and when you want to share it. Also, Marshmallow makes use of fingerprints to gain access to the syste