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Unfortunately for the gamers who are waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda to be released in 2016, an EA executive has indicated that the game will arrive next year. When he was interviewed at a business summit, Blake Jorgensen has said that the upcoming sequel will be available in Q4, but what he meant to say is that the release date will happen in the fiscal fourth quarter, which stretches across January to March and since we’ve already in March and there are no news yet about the release of the Mass Effect: Andromeda, we’re guessing that this will happen in 2017.

This information is somehow confusing, because at the E3 event from this year, in the trailer for the Mass Effect Andromeda was announced that the game will be released in “holiday 2016.” Jorgensen’s response to the interviewer’s question about the release date of the game in the 2017 fiscal year was: “Yeah we’ve got a great year ahead. For the first time I’m trying to dampen down Wall Street expectations, which is a good position to be in. We’ve got our Battlefield first-person shooter coming in the third quarter, and our third party title that Respawn built… it’s called Titanfall… it’s the second title they brought out under that brand.” Jorgensen has also mentioned that “Both those are first-person shooter and will be targeted around both fast action-driven shooter market as well as the strategy driven market in the quarter.”

EA will publish Mirror’s Edge, a runner game, on May 24, and Mass Effect: Andromeda the SF action game in the fourth quarter, but it’s hard to figure out which will be the real release date of the next Mass Effect game. EA has suggested that the game might be released on January 28, in the same period as Titanfall 2 and the new Battlefield sequel.

BioWare Montreal has released a trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which suggested that the action will take place after the original trilogy, making a reference to the legacy of Shepard. In reality, we have no idea what will happen in Mass Effect: Andromeda, because the lead writer, Chris Schlerf has left BioWare and now he’s working with Bungie for Destiny.

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