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The fresh owners of a Google Cardboard, View-Master or C1-Glass VR headset will have the possibility to know everything about these devices from Google Store’s new VR section. On this page, they will find all the details they need to know about these products, while those who are interested in purchasing one of these VR devices will know their prices and place orders.

In the VR section, potential buyers will find out that the Google Cardboard viewer costs only $15, and if they order two viewers, they will spend $25 dollars on both of them. They will need to have an Android or iOS device with a screen that has a diagonal between 4 and 6-inch.

The price of the C1-Glass VR viewer is $14.99 and the device looks like a pair of glasses, being lighter than its siblings, but it offers a carrying pouch. With this device, the users will experience 3D images and videos on Android and iOS smartphones, featuring planaconvax lenses and supporting a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Likewise the Google Cardboard viewer, it works with smartphones up to 6-inch, and it’s recommendable to not keep it in direct sunlight, because it can catch fire.

The Mattel View-Master, on the other hand, costs $30 and it’s more durable, kid-friendly and it’s equipped with an audio jack, as well as amped up optics. The device will offer an incredible immersive 3D experience, which means that the users will be surrounded by a 360-degree view, which will change when moving the head up and down or to the left or right, as the image will stretch around the user, and the experience will feel very real.

When you’ll visit Google’s Play store home page, you’ll see a huge banner image that will draw your attention and when clicking on it, the users will access the VR section which has a limited list, but which will become richer in content.

Google is reportedly working on a wireless VR headset which won’t depend on a smartphone, PC or gaming console, to work, and if the rumors will be true, then this device will be released later this year.

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