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The $3,000 HoloLens development kit has been announced on Monday and the developers will be able to preorder it until March 30, when the mixed-reality hardware platform will start being shipped to its new owners. The Augmented Reality device will run Windows 10 universal applications, and in this article we’ll recommend you some HoloLens-specific applications that are worth trying out.


Microsoft has released this development tool which can be used to create applications, allowing users to import files from other applications in order to create a hologram. This application offers a suit of mixed reality tools, it allows developers to take mixed reality pictures and videos of their creations that are found in the real world, build directly on objects in the room, 3D-print their creations and share them online.


With this application, the users will explore the world in 3D, being teleported “to different location and experience it like they are really there,” according to Kudo Tsunoda, corporate vice president responsible for the HoloLens. The users will view high resolution 360-degree panoramic displays of famous places from all over the world and they’ll get up close to objects, having the impression that they’re actually there, in front of their eyes.

Skype Holographic

This is the Holographic version of the Skype application which was unveiled by Microsoft a year ago, and with it, the users will interact with their friends from Skype in the holographic world. For starters, the users will see only the holograms of their friends and maybe in the future, the application will support video calling.


According to leaks, the application will be used to create mixed reality videos. Microsoft has said about ActionGram that will “blend holographic content into real world settings, allowing anybody to create emotionally compelling and humorous videos”, then share them online.


Two months ago, Microsoft has filed for a new game software trademark “Roboraid”, under class 009. The game is about an alien invasion and how the users can defend their homes, by blasting holes in their walls. RoboRaid was created by eight people who worked on it for 12 weeks.

Young Conker

This is another game that will be compatible with the HoloLens and will be totally different than the Conker series. Yes, the game is about the Conker squirrel, but he will be the lead and will try to kill the gigantic singing poo monster. Unfortunately, not everyone who already played this game is satisfied with the graphical effects of Young Conker.

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