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Apple iOS 9.3 beta has been around for quite some time now. With the company’s iOS 9.2.1 starting to look old on devices, it is time for the new OS to come around.

Even though the date has yet to be confirmed, it is coming pretty fast. According to the latest reports, Apple is to hold a launch event on March 21. It is during this event the company will unveil a new, pint-sized iPhone SE and a smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro. These two devices will reportedly be running on the new iOS 9.3. If this remains true, then it is during this day that Apple will announce the official date of availing the new update to the public who use devices compatible with iOS 9.

So, if all goes well, iOS 9.3 will be official on March 21, but Apple has yet to confirm.

But why get excited about the new operating system? Here’re three things that should get you excited about the upcoming iOS 9.3 mobile operating system.

Night Shift mode

Have you used F.lux for Mac? If you have, then you are pretty much familiar with one great addition that Apple has brought along with iOS 9.3 update. The new OS comes with a feature known as Night Shift. Using this mode, those using devices running on this OS will be able to reduce the amount of blue light coming from the device during the evenings and night time.

Research has it that with exposure to more blue light during the evening or night, one may take more than an hour longer to fall asleep. The reason for the Night Shift is basically to help you sleep a little better. The iPhone makes use of your local time settings and geo-location to determine when it’s time to shift the display between warmer and more natural colors. Amazing huh!

Educational features

If you teach or learn via an iPad, you’ll definitely enjoy the new iOS 9.3 update. Students will come across a new shared feature on their iPads where they can access their unique materials and easily pick up from where the last session ended.

Educators will also enjoy a new classroom app that lets them see what their students are up to and can lock apps with the help of a Remote Control feature. It gets even better for the same educators as well as administrators. iOS 9.3 also brings a feature known as Manage IDs which can be used to easily reset account passwords, audit accounts, create bulk IDs as well as assign custom roles to every person in the district. This is really great news for anyone who depends on the iPad for educational purposes.

Apple Watch and Apple apps improvements

If you own an Apple Watch, the new iOS 9.3 upgrade has some goodies for you as well. On the same March 21, Cupertino is also expected to unveil the refreshed WatchOS 2.2. When combined with the latest iOS 9.3, users will be able to pair more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone. Remember, you need to update both the smartwatch and iPhone to the latest operating systems for this to work.

Other updates to tag along with the new upgrade include Siri’s added support for Finish, Hebrew and Malay, upgrades to apps such as Notes, News, Health as well as CarPlay.

iPhone 6S and 6S users will also enjoy more 3D Touch shortcuts once they upgrade to the new iOS 9.3. For owners of iPhone 5C or newer using Verizon, there is even better news as the latest OS brings Wi-Fi calling on this platform.