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Apple is expected to release the next version of the iOS later this month. The company has released a new BETA version of the iOS 9.3 this week, and those who can’t wait for the official version to arrive can already test out the BETA version on their devices.

The launch of a new iOS 9.3 BETA suggests that an official release of this new version of iOS is not very far. We remind you that Apple is also planning a major event on March 21, 2016, where it will show the new iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone. There are also high chances that the company located in Cupertino, California, will also announce an official release date of the iOS 9.3 and the features it comes with.

We remind you that the iOS 9.3 is not a major new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, but for some reason, Apple has heavily advertised it. The iOS 9.3 comes with many new features than other updates, which usually come only with small upgrades and bug fixes.

First of all, the new iOS 9.3 BETA brings Night Shift mode, which will change the color of the screen as the night approaches, in order to not stress your eyes while it gets darker in your room and you’re browsing the internet. In addition, the new iOS 9.3 comes with some improvements to the Notes and Health applications, along with major changes to the way the iPads can be used in education.

The new BETA version also brings some minor fixes to the iOS 9.3 software and it includes the ability to use the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil in order to navigate on the tablet (a feature that was removed in the last version which has disappointed many users).

You will be able to get the latest iOS 9.3 BETA version on your iDevice only if you are a member of the Apple Beta Software Program.

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