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Microsoft has released its Windows 10 in July 2015, being the last version of Windows, but the developers will continue to bring new update Builds which bring bug fixes and improvements. On the other hand, Apple has launched its OS X build named El Capitan last fall, and today, we’ll take a look at both operating system’s features and see which one offers more advantages.

A More Intelligent Personal Assistant

Microsoft’s voice assistant is Cortana has been improved in a way to learn the users’ preferences more easily, it sets reminders and delivers them when she “feels the time is right”. Everything she learns about you saves in the cloud, so she will know exactly when you don’t want to be bugged, where are you usually meeting your friends and what are your interests.

Siri is still not available in El Capitan, but Apple has improved the Spotlight search feature, which is able to find information very fast, locally and on the internet.

New Browser For Windows 10, An Improved Browser For El Capitan

Microsoft has finally understood that Internet Explorer is no longer popular and it needed to be replaced. So, Microsoft Edge made its debut with features such as save-it-for-later reading list and other features similar to Apple’s Safari.

Safari had been improved over time and the latest addition is a tiny button that can be used to mute music or videos which are playing in a tab. The Pinned Tabs is another useful feature which allows the users to keep some windows open in the background, and they won’t eat up too much RAM.

Gaming and Graphics

El Capitan’s improved performance has been significantly improved, being 1.4 times faster when launching applications, 2 times faster when switching between applications and 4 times faster when opening PDF files. The introduction of Metal to the desktop machine has helped the graphics to be accelerated and the rendering performance has been increased with 50 percent, while the rendering efficiency has been increased with 40 percent. Also, Illustrator has received improvements and will make a lot of designers very happy.

Microsoft is winning on the gaming front because of the Xbox integration, which allows the Xbox users to stream their devices to any Windows 10 device, no matter if it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.