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It will be awesome when you will be able to make WhatsApp Group video calls, but currently, you can’t even make video calls to a single contact. However, there is an application that you can find on the Google Play Store or Apple Store that’s named Booyah, which allows you to make group video calls on WhatsApp.

Booyah is a free application that’s available on both stores we’ve mentioned above and allows you to make a video call to your WhatsApp contacts, as long as they have the application installed on their smartphones.

The application is quite simple and you will just need to install it on your Android or iOS device and you will have access to all your WhatsApp contacts. When you install the application, you will give it access to a few features such as the camera, photos/files/media, Wi-Fi, microphone etc.

Once the application is installed, you will be able to call any of your WhatsApp contacts via the application. The catch is that the recipient(s) will need to have both the Booyah and WhatsApp applications installed or else it will not work. With other words, the Booyah application is actually making all the calls, but it needs the WhatsApp application to function.

Once you initiate a call, you will have a link to a video chat, where contacts can join. However, if you will close the application while in the middle of a call, the video will freeze, but you will still be able to keep the video call connected, but you’ll hear only the voice.

Booyah also allows you to make group video calls with several of your friends. You will be able to add more people to your conversation, so you will be able to talk and see two or more friends at the same time.