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Since the release of WhatsApp, the developers kept on working on all supported versions, focusing especially on the Android version, which has received new updates more often, like every few days, and when they were ready to launch the stable version, they were uploading it on the Google Play store. From now on, the Android users will be able to download the latest beta version directly from the Google Play store, without needing to enable the Unknown Sources option.

A week ago, WhatsApp has launched the beta Testing Program for the Android users, who can download the APK directly from the Google Play store. The developers have released multiple builds of this application for Android, giving testers access to the new features, such as the ability to copy links from a chat, an easier way to clear chats etc.

However, the latest beta versions continued to be added to the official website, but the users needed to enable the Unknown Sources option in order to be allowed to install the APK. WhatsApp made things simpler and launched the new Google Play beta testing program, from where the users can download the latest beta version for Android.

First of all, there was added a new tab which shows the shared link history and the latest version will show the shared links history, as well as the media history tab with all the images and videos that have been shared. Also, when tapping on the rich preview in these links, the chat conversation will be opened and the users will easily browse through all links that have been shared. This feature comes in handy because the users no longer need to star these messages, to easily find the links that interest them.

Another change that was brought to the latest beta version (2.12.489) will allow the users to copy links by taping and holding them. Also, chats will be deleted if they’re older than 30 days or six months and when clearing chats, the users will get a checkbox.

The users who want to join the beta testing program need to open a Google account and log into it, then visit WhatsApp’s testing portal (Google Play). In there, the users will be greeted with this message: “If you already have the WhatsApp Messenger app installed on your device, you’ll get an update with the testing version shortly. If you don’t have the WhatsApp Messenger app installed, download it on Google Play first, then you’ll get an update with the testing version. It can take a few hours for the update to arrive.” If they change their minds, the users can leave the program anytime.