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Niantic Inc., which is currently developing a Pokémon game based on the user’s real world, can now add the Silicon Valley’s type of investors to its list of backers.

The latest companies to partner up and help raise the $5 million include individual investors Luca Nealan, and Cyan and Scott Banister and venture firm Alsop Louie Partners and You & Mr. Jones, a brand technology firm.

The latest Pokémon game, named Pokémon GO, will be released sometime 2016 and available for both Android and iOS systems. The goal behind Pokémon GO is to attain the sales of virtual goods in the game – also called microtransactions.

The latest round of funding comes on the heels of the $20 million it raised last year from Nintendo Co., Pokémon Co. and Google Inc.

John Hanke, chief executive officer of Nianitc, said the organization had already managed to score big with these kinds of investors and now have more connections to Silicon Valley’s capital network.

This additional funding could potentially lead to a television incorporation for the company. Fuji TV, a Japanese television network, also took part in raising funds. Hanke noted Niantic could partner up with the network for a number of impending media projects, but no further information was provided.

Hanke had co-founded Keyhold Corp., a 3-D mapping technology startup that Google attained in 2004. Before the launch of Niantic Labs inside Google in 2011, he was Google’s GEO vice president.

Joining in on the investment is Gilman Louie of Alsop Louie Partner.