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Tomorrow, Sony will launch a major system software update for its PS4 console. Version 3.50 which was codenamed MUSASHI will roll out to the beta testers who signed up for the program and have been selected. They will receive an email with instructions on downloading the update, which will bring many key features. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this beta update and its new features.

PS4’s version 3.5 will bring new social features such as Friend Online Notification, which will allow the players to know when their friends will be online. So, if you have friends who sign on the network, you will be notified.

Also, when the player doesn’t want to be bothered by his friends, he will Appear Offline, which means that he will go incognito and concentrate better on the game. This option allows the player to choose to appear offline right after he logs in, or he can do this at any time, by going to the Quick Menu.

User Scheduled Event is another new feature that gives the players the option to schedule a future gameplay session and invite their friends. Those who are registered for that specific event will be automatically added and they will start playing immediately.

Play Together is a feature that brings transparency to the game, meaning that the members of a Party will be able to see what their friends are playing and they will choose to join their game or start a new one together.

The PS4 Remote Play will now be compatible with PCs and Macs, but only for testing, and the feature will be added to the final version of PS4 in short time.

Also, the players will be able to live stream directly to Dailymotion, on PS4 and Sony said that they will also support archiving live broadcasts.