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The new Minecraft 1.9 patch is also known as “Combat Update” and it has been in development for over a year. It seems that this update is finally arriving to the PC version of Minecraft and today we’re going to talk about the changes that come with it.

After installing the patch, the first thing that you will notice will be the “off-hand” slot. The “off-hand” slot is a new inventory slot which will allow you to hold two items in each hand, such as a shield and a sword, or a pickaxe and a stack of torches. This is quite useful, as you will no longer need to switch from your torches to your pick-axe while mining in the dark.

The new update brings multiple new arrow types and yes, you can use the off-hand slot in order to choose what type of arrow you want to shoot. Keep in mind that if you don’t select which type of arrows you want to use, the game will pick a random arrow from your inventory.

The Minecraft 1.9 patch also brings changes to the way combat works. With other words, the damage that you inflict is now determined by cooldowns. This means that the faster you swing, the less damage you will do. How quickly a tool will return to its full damage potential will be decided by a new attack speed stat, which is also different for each tool type and material. So, from now on, spamming left click will no longer work well during fights.

Tool types have been rebalanced with the cooldown mechanic, which means that now axes have big damage, but they hit very slow, while hoes hit very fast but have a very low damage.

What are your thoughts about the new Minecraft 1.9 patch that has been released for PCs?