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Are you protected from threats and destructive malicious viruses that can cause havoc on your systems and devices? Even worse is the rise in cybercrime and identity theft that has ruined many people’s lives.

It’s 2016, we are living in a cyber age filled with technological advancement. The only bad side to advancement is that hackers can easily get their hands on better technology to easily hack and steal from you and your family.

What can we do? Who do we have to turn to to stop cyber crimes?

To fight and combat with cyber threats, authorities and professionals have come together to introduce a line of defense. They are in the form of antivirus software and are always one step ahead of the criminals.

If you want top protection from cyber threats, take a look at these top antivirus software that will keep you and your identity safe!

Bitdefender: The Future Of Cyber Defense

One of the best antivirus and security software hands down would have to be Bitdefender. Over the years, BitDefender has always amazed its users with extreme state-of-the-art defense. With impressive and innovative ways to protect users, it has been given awards for its performance.

You can always trust Bitdefender to protect you when it comes to the security of your personal information and virus free.

McAfee: Intel’s Top Security

McAfee has no doubt been in the defense against virus and other cyber threats for a few years now. The fact that it has partnered up with Intel shows its credibility to protect and prevent destructive programs around the net.

Instead of only protecting PC systems, McAfee has extended its line of defense to that of smartphones. Hackers have found their ways to break through a person’s phone and collect contact and information that have been secretly stored.

The future indicates that a majority of the earth’s population will shop online more than local stores. Now more than ever is there a need for cyber security and McAfee is one that can always be trusted.

Norton: Teaming With Authorities For Cyber Defense

Norton, another software that has been in the fight against cyber crime is now teamed up with law enforcement agencies to help protect and track down cyber threats and where they may be targeting next. They are a team of 550 specialists that analyzes new threats and focus on ways to defeat and mitigate these threats.

Businesses and many other well-known institutions trust the safety of Norton’s services to help protect important information and files that are kept private.

You can never go wrong with Norton!

Avira: Best Free Antivirus

For regular home users, Avira is by far the best free antivirus protection services you can get anywhere on the internet. The reason why Avira is more preferable than other free antivirus programs is because of its real-time cloud-scanning service which allows more current and up to date logs of new threats.

Avira also has a paid service that offers more benefits for users that could easily be as great as many other well-known antivirus software.

Bullguard: Bulldozing Through The Cyber Threats!

Even the name BullGuard gives you a strong sense of protection. The private company has grown quite strong since its launch in 2002. Providing virus removals and security of information, Bullguard always seeks to innovate its service with a team of professionals who have years of experience.

Bulldog seeks to serve small businesses and individual for the strongest protection against viruses, threats, identity theft, and internet security.

Let the Bullguard protect you!

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