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Having jailbreak tweaks on your iPhone was not much possible earlier. We know that being an iOS user, you feel jealous of other operating system users when they have various apps present in their device without jailbreak. But, this time, you will be content to know that now you can get the jailbreak tweaks in your iOS device too without unfettering it. The hype was in the air for so many months and finally, Extensify made release of some promo codes and offer them to the chosen users. More codes will be given from time to time every week as long as the developers do not announce the final launching date of the codes.

Extensify claims that you will not need to jailbreak your iOS phone or tablet as they will enhance the probabilities of having the third party apps easily. In the manner of user interaction, this app looks like the Apple store while, in terms of functionality, it seems like Cydia. The iOS can go to this store and find their desired app by entering the date updated, date or simply by writing its name. You can install the tweaks just like you install the applications from the App Store, but the procedure is bit different from the Cydia.

With the Extensify, you will get to have the tweaked edition of chosen apps, which are known as the Exos. You do not to install the tweaked apps. For instance, if there is an Instagram present in your device and you install the tweaked Instagram, then you will have the tweaked application on your home screen named Instagram+.

As you see that these Exos or tweaks will be for the applications present for your iOS device only and not for the tweaking apps like you get from the Cydia.

Right now, you can have 28 apps from all well known platforms that you have downloaded from the App Store. Also the versions of tweaked apps also present here, later on, when the app will release officially, then we could have more number of apps for sure.

Here, at Extensify, you can develop your own Exos as well. App stores that offer you the third party tweaks, it is up to them to charge anything for their tweaks. At Extensify, most of the tweaks are right now available for free. Whereas, this app has some of its subscription fees to enter to the store.

You can run Extensify on any of your updated iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the iOS 9, 8 or latest one. You can download it through Safari, make an installation, and passing through the configuration by going to the Settings, General, and Profile prior to launching it on your device.

If you want to download the soft version of the Extensify, then you can get the promo code by applying for it on So, go on it and start checking out this new place for the tweaks without going through the jailbreak.