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One of the most used navigation applications out there is Google Maps. Today we’re going to talk about the “Pit Stop” feature that Google Maps for iOS has just received. We remind you that the “Pit Stop” feature was available for WhatsApp, for Android OS, since October 2015, so that’s actually not a new feature.

So, from now on, the iOS users will be able to open Google Maps and tap on the magnifying glass button that’s located on the upper right corner while on navigation mode. Once they do this, the application will open a menu which will consist of places that will most likely help travelers, which includes restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, grocery stores and more.

In addition, the users will be able to search for specific places using manual text input or voice command via the search function. In order to help everyone to have an enjoyable and safe trip, the Google Maps application will also outline details of each stop and it will estimate an amount of time that the detour will add to the journey.

The new Google Maps version that includes Pit Stops can now be downloaded and installed on your iOS device from the App Store. We remind you that the big search engine company has also released an offline navigation feature for the Apple version of Google Maps. With other words, you are now able to save maps offline and travel without problems in places where you don’t have a mobile data connection on your iOS device.

We’re sure that Google will bring even more features to the Google Maps application sometime in the near future.

Have you tested the latest Google Maps version on your iOS device? Tell us your thoughts about it!