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The digital loss protection (DLP) features have been expanded for Gmail for Work, and this measure will protect companies from leaked data, by preventing employees to divulge confidential information. Thanks to this new feature, when attaching files, the employees will use optical character recognition and the administrators will make sure that the employees will not share company’s secrets, intentionally or not. There are also other features that come in handy for the company management, such as the ability to know what’s inside common attachments, no matter if they’re simple documents or spreadsheets.

Optical character recognition will integrate with content detectors and this way, administrators will have the ability to prevent employees from sending emails containing important information, such as a credit card number, to a person who doesn’t work in the same company. There are some things that could do a lot of harm to the company, if the information gets into the wrong hands, even if the employees didn’t know they were doing something bad.

Also, new predefined content detectors have been added, for covering medical data of patients that work for the same company, or personally identifiable information (PII), and this will help customers all around the world.

“Count parameter” is one of the two new content parameters that help administrators distinguish emails with individual PII, from bulk PII, while the “confidence parameter” will allow administrators to adjust their detection policies for what is believed to be common used content.

Digital Loss Protection tolls have been used by companies before, in an attempt to protect sensitive data, adopting cloud delivery models, but this method proved to not be reliable, because there were still leaks in the cloud. This led to the emergence of cloud access security broker, a category of security tools that allowed enterprises to safely enable cloud applications and mobile devices.