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Do this ever occurred to you that you get a message on your iPhone that it is not working or most probably is disabled and you see the message to try it in 5, 15 or 60 minutes later. In other ways, there could be the message that iPhone is immobilize, connect it with the iTunes, and till then you are unable to use it again. What actually happens that your iPhone get immobilize and you do not get the chance to use it again. It is pretty essential to know the answers of these questions and get your iPhone back to work.

Why do iPhone get immobilize?

When an iPhone is locked, it requires a touch ID or passcode to get open as per its security system. When you enter an incorrect code for the five times, the iPhone gets locked for a minute and the error message gets appeared on the screen of phone. To solve this issue, you have to unlock the phone after some minutes with the correct passcode or TouchID and the phone start working again. Later on, you enter correct id and passcode so that you will not lock out again.

You do not know the fact that the number of incorrect entries lead to the different messages to the security system and they all mean different things, like:

  • When you enter the incorrect passcode for the 7 times, you will have to reenter the correct one after 5 minutes.
  • When you enter it 5 times wrongly, you will have to try again after 1 minute.
  • Trying for 9 times in a row, you have t o try it after 60 minutes and not before that.
  • You have to try it after 15 minutes again when you have entered the wrong one 8 times.
  • The most horrible outcome of entering passcode for the 10 times is that your iPhone gets locked and turns on the self- destruction mode that clears off all the data. You have to connect the phone with iTunes now.

You can surely wait for a minute so things get normal, otherwise as you have to wait for unlimited minutes to get iPhone back in the normal position, which is very inconvenient.

In some case, even when you are entering the right passcode, you see that the phone gets locked that is due to intentionally or even unintentionally reasons. There are two ways that iPhone gets locked, one is when you put it in the pocket and the other when people put in the wrong password.

Locked in Pocket: Your iPhone gets locked in your pocket and that is very common thing to face. When you put your phone in back pocket, hoodie pouch, hip pocket, in front pant pockets, etc, and you could be doing anything or could be in any position. That incidentally swipe the screen lock and your screen gets activated. When this occurs, then you can also have the numbers pressed that gets misguided with the Passcode and you phone gets locked. This can also happen if you have put the iPhone in your pocket and you are toying with it. You will get it disabled and this has happened many times with the people who put their iPhones in the busy pockets.

Disabling it personally: This could be the scenario as well that you forget the passcode and trying to guess it while entering the wrong ones. That is the case when phone gets disabled. In the other case, kids may disable your phone too who are playing with it and entering in the pass code by pressing the keypad, thinking if it is some sort of game. The phone gets swiped so easily and children can tap on it.

How to unlock the disabled iPhone?

First you have to wait for the specific time period so that the time passes out and you enter the right passcode.

Next try is that if you do not know the passcode or have forgotten it, then you can enable the recovery mode and restore the phone.

With these two options, you can enable your phone in a working condition.

Phone is completely disabled. You need to connect it with iTunes

Such a tensed scenario that you have to connect phone with the computer and make it work again by running some tricks and procedures. To save yourself from worst situations, you need to remember the passcode of your phone and make sure that you have got all the data of your iPhone in your hard disk or computer or get ready to say Good Bye to all the data in your phone. This is why, we consider back ups as a crucial practice.

With the passcode, you can make phone work again through the iTunes as when you connect it with the iTunes, the phone gets into the recovery mode. You now have to connect your phone with the computer which it has already been paired and open the iTunes. From iTunes, click on Sync button by entering the right passcode when it asks you. Now, you will get backup to your phone.

When you click on the Restore button, you will phone restored with the backup.

In case, if you do not remember the passcode, you will have to erase the whole memory by entering onto the recovery mode.

With these steps, you can reset the passcode and get the back up from the iCloud or iTunes. Forgetting an iPhones passcode is something that even Apple can’t help you with. You have to remember your passcode and make the back up of your phone’s data.

Keeping your iPhone from disabling is all that you need to do to avoid getting into more trouble. Do not use complex passcodes if you cannot remember them. Avoid keeping phone in a pocket that is frequently used. The most secured thing is to maintain backup of your phone data so that you could overcome all of these issues even if you get locked out!