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Everybody knew a new troop was on the horizon even before there was an update. In November and on its new website, Supercell released Dark Barracks. The content was removed shortly afterwards.

Supercell has officially released a second Clash Universe game called “Clash Royale” for several countries. It’s believed that the new troop had already been mentioned before in Clash Royale. Check out this YouTube video to learn more about it:

Many people have hazarded a guess that the new troop would be the Musketeer. However, Anoushka ended the rumor. The update for Clash of Clans was set for either late February or early March.

The Supercell January update gave users the Treasury and Loot Cart. Therefore, it’s believed the next update won’t be until mid-March.

If what the video stipulates is truth, the latest troop had been created for Clash Royale but subsequently removed from the game before its release. If that’s what happened, then the reality is that the new troop could be anything.

For people who haven’t had the opportunity to play the game, it’ll be released on both iOS and Android in March around the world.

There’s no doubt that March will be an interesting month in terms of Supercell game releases and updates. It’s not likely the company is going to make one game dependent upon the other and the chances for updates to be released for more than one game is high.