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In the presence of set- top boxes, the HDMI USBs for media streaming are not getting much of the highlight. The users who want to get the best media streaming product are pretty much in confusion about which tech product to go for.

Although, in the market, you can see that only few companies are leading their way. Such as, Amazon‘s Fire TV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, and Google’s second- generation Chromecast. The prices of this set- box are pretty reasonable too, starting from $35 to $50.

Here are few key points that will show you that why Amazon is a better choice than Google Chromecast. On economical scale, you will find Amazon Fire TV Stick only $5 higher as compared to the Chromecast and that is not huge. Here are the reasons, why:

  1. On Android Fire TV, you can download any of the Android app easily. This Fire OS is the divergent version of the Android. It gives you the opportunity to download any application that you want in your TV. You have to download it on side through .APK file.
  2. You do not know that you can enjoy an Apple iOS functionality being on Android easily. With Apple’s AirPlay, you can get the wireless streaming of media just like you do on your iOS device. If you want this system in your Android TV, then you have to spend $4.99, which is an attractive deal to make. With that, your Android Fire TV Stick will turn into a free working Apple TV.
  3. You get a Bluetooth remote with the Fire TV. The Chromecast is a media channel, while the Amazon has its separate set- top box device. The remote control of Fire TV stick is available in two variations. One is a bit cheaper, while the other one has got playback control, key navigation system, and search options.
  4. There is a built in app store present in the Fire TV stick. You will find the already installed ES File Explorer File Manager, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Plex, Hulu and many others in your TV.
  5. If you like to keep the voice to yourself and want to enjoy the audio in your style, then these Bluetooth headphones are the ones that you want. With the current updates, Bluetooth headphones will get connected with your Fire TV stick so easily and you will get the games, movies, TV shows, etc without any hassle.
  6. With the AirPlay, you actually get chance to run Chromecast on your AmazonFire TV as well. So, isn’t AirPlay a better option to go for?
  7. By spending extra few dollars on your $49 package, you can avail the opportunity of getting the Voice Remote as well. with that control, you can utilize the Alexa voice assistant from Amazon.
  8. Another very superb feature of Amazon Fire TV is that you can run Kodi on it and get all the TV shows, movies, live TV, etc.
  9. This feature is everyone’s favorite that you will get the Bluetooth connected wireless game controller. All of the games that are present on Amazon devices can be played with this wireless Game controller.

The other specifications that you get with the Amazon’s Fire TV are the 1 GB and 8 GB of internal memory as compared to the Chromecast’s 512 and 256MB. Moreover, the Amazon has got Bluetooth as well. With all these points, you can assess that Amazon Fire TV Stick to invest in.