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Virtual reality is not only about seeing a computer-simulated reality though the screen of a headset, and being able to interact while engaging multiple senses such as smell, touch, sound and sight. The artificial world can be also controlled using digital gloves with haptic feedback and Sony seems to be interested in this solution, because on February 25, the company already filed a patent to USPTO, which mentioned cloud gaming. How will this affect the PlayStation VR?

Some people might say that digital gloves look ugly, but why do they care so much? In virtual reality, this shouldn’t be a problem, since the environment is simulated and the gloves look differently? They will have an important role in VR, as they will be used as a form of control and the users will manipulate information more easily.

Hands Omni is a glove that was unveiled last year and it’s expected to be paired with Virtuix Omni. With it, the users will move their hand and fingers and they will see digital representations of their movements in virtual reality. Sony’s surly attracted by this idea and will want to use a digital glove to progress in VR.

The patent that was filed by Sony, which mentioned digital cloud, contains two sections of interest. For starters, “the computer 106 functions as a thin client in communication over a network with a cloud gaming provider 112”, which means that, theoretically, content will be processed first via the cloud gaming provider and until data is streamed, it’s processed again by a consumer device, then it reaches the VR headset.

Sony said that the headset could connect to a wireless router, so it won’t need to connect to a consol or graphical processing hardware, but this is only a dream for now. A dream that could make PlayStation VR standalone, just like the GameFace, but the processing would be done somewhere in a room that will never be seen by the user.

The PS4 supports only Full HD content and the VR headset depends on this console’s internal hardware, and it will be hard for Sony to keep up with the phones that will render at 4K resolution in VR.