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DualShockers has reported that Sony will discontinue shipments of its PlayStation TV home console in Japan, but the manufacturer hasn’t provided an exact date when this will happen. The main reason of this disruption is the lack of interest from the people in Japan, because there were sold only 185,000 units since 2013. This device will continue to be shipped to other parts of the world, especially in North America.

“End of Shipments” is the message that Sony has added to the official Japanese listing of its PlayStation Vita TV microconsole, which was released in November 2013 in this region. In North America, the device became available in October 2014, while Europeans have received it one month later. The initial price of the PlayStation Vita TV was $99, but now, the system can be found on Amazon at a price of $50.

The PlayStation Vita microconsole can be used to play games, besides digital PS One and PSP games. With the Remote Play, the users can stream PS4 games from this console, onto a separate television that the PS TV is connected to. Also, by using PlayStation Now, the users are able to stream PS3 titles to this microconsole. Also, the PlayStation TV can be controlled with DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controllers and it can play even PS Vita games and applications, but some features from the PS Vita (microphone and gyroscope) have not been added to the PlayStation TV, so not all content will be compatible with this system.

In GameSpot’s review for PlayStation TV it was concluded that the system “performs a lot of tasks, although it doesn’t necessarily perform them well.” For now, we can’t tell you what will be the fate of this device in the West, if Sony will extend its discontinuation, but if we will find more information, we will let you know.

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