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Everyone knows about WhatsApp, the messaging application for smartphones is being upgraded very often for the Android version, as the developers are releasing beta updates every few days, which can be downloaded from the official website, or stable versions which are uploaded to the Google Play. However, WhatsApp has started a beta testing program on the Google Play and the users are able to download the APK file before other users, and they don’t need to enable the Unknown Sources option on their smartphones, because the file comes directly from the Android store.

This beta testing program has been launched a week ago and from there, the users can download the unreleased beta update of WhatsApp without enabling the Unknown Sources option. In order to get the unreleased beta update from the Google Play, the users will head to WhatsApp’s official website and hit the download button. When they will be greeted by a webpage and asked if they want to join the Beta Testing Program, they will register and start checking for updates on the app store.

Each new beta update will start downloading and WhatsApp will run the latest version that isn’t available on the internet. At first, on the Google Play was uploaded an older version, but in short time it was replaced with the last beta update, which was included in the Beta Testing Program.

The advantages of being part of the Beta Testing Program is that the users are able to send feedback to the developers, who will collect them automatically and they will fix the issues more easily, before releasing the final version of the next update. Currently, on the website you’ll find the beta version 2.12.485, while on the Google Play was uploaded version 2.12.486. The file weighs 22.99 MB and it comes with support for more languages, over 100 emojis and bug fixes.