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Pokémon Direct ended yesterday, a livestream that made sure to focus on and celebrate Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary. It’s safe to say we’ve heard a little bit about Pokemon during this event, but what did we all find out about? Let’s discover that!

Well, first of all, the major announcement of the evening: Pokemon Sun and Moon. The next major pair of titles in the Pokemon series is set for release during the holidays, 2016. Sadly they didn’t reveal all too much about the game, any new Pokemon, or even an estimated release date, just that it will be out during the holidays for any and all fans of the series. Although, all Nintendo have really done is confirm that the leak for the two games was in fact true, and not just a falsity to mislead fans of Pokemon worldwide.

Next up on the Pokemon agenda is the three classic games that many fans and gamers grew up loving: Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are getting re-released to the public. However, instead of releasing fully-fledged physical copies for all to enjoy, Nintendo are instead set to release them on the Virtual console on the 27th February. Thanks to this new release of classic Pokemon games, not only can old players get a hold of a virtual copy of the game, one where players won’t need to worry about their physical Pokemon cartridges slowly dying over the years. It also allows newer players to try out the classics, all without the need to scour the Internet for the last copy of Pokémon Yellow known to man.

These new virtual copies of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow all will support the use of Pokemon Bank, an application on Nintendo consoles to deposit and withdraw Pokemon from different games, to switch them out from one game to the other. A feature that is almost needed to make collecting all 151 original Pokémon in the classic first-gen games that we all know and love possible.

Pokémon GO, probably the only other thing Poke-fans wanted to see, wasn’t really there. There was no mention of gameplay, or even the most-wanted of all: the release date! Gamers are just going to have to sit down, wait, and hope that Nintendo are kind enough to the masses and reveal something a little more about that game, other than watching CGI Pokémon wander around in AR.

As per usual with Nintendo, they’re making us wait for the latest and greatest Pokémon games, but at least we can bide our time with some classic Pokémon gameplay in the mean-time as we wait for everything to be released.

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