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Clash of Clans is a very popular strategy game released by Supercell. There are many examples of strategies all over the internet, but today we’re going to talk about ground attacks and air attacks.

Ground Attacking vs. Air Attacking in Clash of Clans

While attacking from the ground, you will firstly need to take the walls down. If you attack villages that have a Town Hall level 9 and above, there are high chances that the village has some really strong walls. This means that you will need a strategy in order to get down a part of the wall in order to get inside with your troops. This requires some skills in troop pathing and timing or else you will most likely fail.

In addition, if you make a mistake during a ground attack (such as using a Spell when you should not or deploy troops in wrong places), this can ruin your entire attack.

When it comes to Air Attacks, it is good to know that it is easier to use. You will totally ignore the walls, which makes things way easier. Unfortunately, the downside of the air attacks comes with the air troops, which are quite weak at lower levels. For example, Balloons are only worth using when they reach the maximum level, while Dragon and Lava Hound can be used at low levels also, but they can’t guarantee you a successful raid.


There are some downsides for each type of attack and this is the reason why you should learn about both of them. This way, you will know both the pros and cons of each type of attack and depending on your play style, you will decide which one is better for you.

Do you prefer to raid in Clash of Clans using ground units or air units?