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A few days ago, Apple has released a new updated version of the 3rd generation Apple TV’s software, named as firmware 7.2.1 build 12H523. The update is now available for Apple TVs that are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

This firmware version might be familiar for the users who keep track of what version of software their Apple TV is running on, but this is because it’s technically the same as the version that was already available for the 3rd generation of Apple TV. While the version number didn’t change, the build number did, which suggests that this was a small update that fixed some minor bugs and security issues.

This is also confirmed by a security firm which posted on its website that the new build of the firmware 7.2.1 fixed a few security problems that the developers have encountered. It seems that Apple is trying to keep its 3rd generation of Apple TV as secure as possible.

Unfortunately, this new firmware doesn’t come with new features, but at least the owners that are using the old version of Apple TV can be sure that their device is more secure. We remind you that the 3rd generation Apple TV has been released back in 2012, and we’re not sure how much time this device will continue to be supported. At the same time, it’s not sure if the developers will also bring new features to this “old” device in the next firmware updates.

You can update your 3rd generation Apple TV to the latest firmware by going to the device’s Settings->General->Update Software Update. We remind you that you can also turn on the “Update Automatically” option, which will make sure that your device gets updated as soon as a new firmware is released.