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It is a uniquely exciting time for Samsung users as the Android Marshmallow update for S6, S6 edge and Note 5 are on the roll. This is an epic event for many considering the sluggish way Samsung treats updates.

Android Marshmallow is said to be the “biggest and best mobile platform” that has got so much better. And since not all handset can get their hands on Marshmallow, Samsung definitely is on the edge for delivering it to its users.

Android Marshmallow Features

  1. App Permissions – This is definitely an underrated feature, but it is a good thing that Marshmallow provides it. The list of permission you need to grant for a single app to be downloaded and installed properly into your device can be annoying and confusing, if not threatening. App Permissions enables you to reject or approve specific permissions from individual apps, and not grant or refuse all of those permissions in one go.
  2. Web Browsing & Chrome – With custom tabs, you can open new links as an overlay, and not have to open several different apps for individual links. No more jumping out of an app and into a full browser when opening hyperlinks. Browsing becomes seamless and convenient as all tabs connect to Chrome with a user’s logged in account.
  3. Fingerprint Scanner – The biometric security feature is Google’s standardized, built-in support to authenticate fingerprints needed to unlock devices, log into various apps and account, and make online purchases. This safeguards the user’s personal information, something that is priceless for anyone who is always using their devices a whole lot.
  4. Mobile Payments – With Google rolling out Android Pay, a revolutionized version of Google Wallet, it is now possible to make quick and easy mobile payments. Users need to have at least Android KitKat and NFC to use this feature. Android Pay works even without fingerprint scanner, all you need is a PIN, pattern or password.
  5. Battery Optimization – The Doze feature in Android Marshmallow helps you save and optimize your battery life. Sensors detect idle devices and then signal the phone to go on sleep mode to optimize your battery. All this happens while you are not using your phone.
  6. RAM Manager – The RAM Manager checks on your RAM and oversees everything from there. It is a neat feature, alerting you which app needs more of RAM than anything else.
  7. Adoptive Storage – This is great for those who just cannot have enough storage on their device. Android Marshmallow’s Adtoptive Storage feature allows your device to adopt virtually any external memory device linked to it and treat it like a natural part of itself.

There are of course a whole lot of new features that come with Android Marshmallow. There is the Status Bar Customization, Google Now, Voicemail, Dark Theme, and a new look for the App Drawer.

Owners of Samsung S6, Samsung S6 edge and Samsung Note 5 can manually check if Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is already available for download. They simply need to go to the Settings > Software Update > About Device and see the update options for their device.

Overall, the Android Marshmallow update is a huge step to making mobile user experience more meaningful and fun by managing and optimizing battery, RAM, app permissions, and web browsing, and by providing a new improved look and feel to their Samsung device.

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