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We just can’t get enough of Grand Theft Auto. GTA gamers worldwide are hooked and it’s barely two years since the last installment, everyone is clamoring for the next big GTA thing.

Accurate details about GTA 6 remain a hush-hush, but we did hear there will be thrilling additions such as becoming a girl, teleporting and exploring a larger map.

Real-Life Lovers Team Up

The option to take up a female character in a game that’s has always been dominated by male characters is a clear sign that GTA developers are considering their female fandom.

And that is a great thing because we do like to see how a female GTA driver would fare in such a ruckus environment, right? Surely, there would be great surprises ahead.

What’s more exciting is that Hollywood actress Eva Mendes may lend her voice to GTA’s female protagonist, along with her real-life lovey Ryan Gosling who is also set to give life to the male protagonist. Talk about Hollywood life in GTA!

This remains a rumor of course as none of the people supposedly involved have come out to spill the beans. Still, it was a great sign when GTA co-author Even Dan Houser revealed previously that they are considering doing a game with a female lead, but “just haven’t found the right game for it yet.”

Well, GTA 6 is probably the right game to put in a female lead, and with the voice of such a beautiful actress as Eva Mendes, who can ever refuse? Match that with the voice of talented Gosling, and we Hollywood-and-GTA fans are already in cloud nine.

GTA 6 to Have a Bigger Map

Another version sure calls for exciting twists, and nothing can be more exciting than exploring a bigger, better map than the previous installments.

It is too much perhaps for two lovers to explore around the same map. Gamers would like to see a bigger map to fit in the romantic and driving adventures of the lovebirds in GTA 6.

But then according to rumors, it is not just a bigger map, but actually a combination of all the previous maps, so it is way, way larger. And there will be familiar corners and blocks, but the idea of being able to visit the maps in one go is crazy! Well, a good kind of crazy because then GTA 6 would feature the largest map ever among all GTA installments.

Teleportation in GTA 6

With such a humungous map, teleportation is perhaps the key to being able to transcend through various locations. Well, we are sure to be giddy about the lovers, the bigger map, and more so with being able to be in another place in a blink of an eye.

According to sources, the teleportation will likely take on the same idea as that of 2015 Need for Speed game, which is not entirely bad. Guess GTA players don’t mind some bits of copied ideas here and there so long as it makes the gaming experience better than it were before. Do you agree?