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Currently, the world is dominated by Facebook and WhatsApp – the latter has been bought by Zuckerberg in 2014 and ever since, the application has been continuously improved. The Android users were spoiled with new updates more often than the users of the other platforms, but most of the features are available across all operating systems. Viber is another popular application which brought the free calling service on Wi-Fi before WhatsApp. If you’re undecided which application to install, first of all, ask your friends’ opinion. If they’re using both applications, then it’s mandatory to install both Viber and WhatsApp, as they’re absolutely free. Below, you’ll find out what these applications are capable of.

Desktop vs Web Client

Viber can be installed on computers as a standalone application, but first, it must be installed on a smartphone, where you will use your mobile number in order to get verified. WhatsApp has received the web client a year ago and in order to access your account from a computer, you must open one of the supported web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, head to and scan the QR code using your phone’s camera, while the application is running.


WhatsApp can be installed on smartphones running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry10, Nokia S60, Nokia and S40, while Viber is compatible with a variety of mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPads), and computers running on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Common Features

Both Viber and WhatsApp allow you to forward messages to other contacts, by pressing them until getting the option to pass it on to one or more contacts. Also, the users are able to copy and paste messages to other contacts, to forward pictures, videos or audio files, while stickers can be forwarded only on Viber. The users can also send unlimited messages, make free voice calls to their friends who use the same application, but Viber offers in addition the video calling feature and it has a Viber Out feature for making voice calls outside the application – to mobile or landline numbers. Other commons features: the option to block contacts, the typing indicator and background images can be customized.

Different Features

Viber has its own sticker store, but WhatsApp offers animated emojis. On WhatsApp, you will see the number of messages sent in the entire thread, you can post a status and mute conversations, while Viber offers Public Chats.