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With Bethesda’s major announcement last year of Fallout 4, which then proceeded to be one of the year’s most anticipated titles for gamers, it’s no surprise that gamers, both casual and hardcore are looking forward to Bethesda’s next title.

Many people are speculating that Bethesda are set to do the same again this year at E3, but with their other franchise that makes them millions, The Elder Scrolls. With many rumours popping up recently about Bethesda showing up to E3 with the intentions of showing off The Elder Scrolls 6, it’s brought a lot of speculation around the title. When’s the release date? Where is it in The Elder Scrolls universe? Will it basically just be Skyrim 2? Well, these can be answered, but for the time being they are nothing more than rumors and speculation.

In terms of release date, a number of individuals believe that the game will be set for release in 2018 or 2019 at the latest, as the way Bethesda works is they have a team work on the next iteration of the series shortly after its release. Honestly, it wouldn’t make much sense if the game was released late 2019, due to the fact it would have taken even longer to develop than Fallout 4, despite the fact another Fallout game was made during that time.

Although we can’t say exactly when the game will be released; what we can estimate is that the game would be released during the fourth quarter, as do the majority of highly anticipated titles of the year. The fourth quarter; set just before Christmas is always the time of the year where video game sales are the highest, hence why it would be in their best interests to release a title like The Elder Scrolls 6 during that quarter.

The Elder Scrolls is one of those franchises where each and every game takes place in a different section of Tamriel, with Morrowind and Skyrim being set in the locations they are named after. Apparently, this time around it is meant to be taking place in an area known as “Argonia”, or simply better known as The Black Marsh, an area of Tamriel that is filled with dark swamps and that is home to the argonian race of people.

Some people believe the game is set to be a sequel to Skyrim and effectively be Skyrim 2. The likelihood of this seems incredibly low, and the reason for that being is the fact that the series isn’t known for creating direct sequels to their previous titles. Each new game in The Elder Scrolls series starts you off anew, both in terms of story and your character. They may make references to previous titles in terms of lore, but that’s down to The Elder Scrolls being a shared world in the form of Tamriel.

For the time being these are all just rumors and can’t exactly be considered hard facts until E3 rolls around this year and Bethesda can confirm or deny some of the rumors that we’ve heard over the past couple of months. Until then, we’ll just have to see if anything is leaked about The Elder Scrolls 6 to reveal something we may or may not already know.