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The freedom of Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows players to create many different types of maps. Some come up with designs on a whim, others mimic locations found in other games or media (such as building a replica of the Resident Evil mansion, for example), and still others are created with a specific gameplay goal in mind.

For example, features from the most recent Minecraft: Pocket Edition update were showcased in an official Redstone puzzle map. The developers even played it during a live stream. This puzzle map used the new elements added to the game in the update to give players a new challenge, and it’s not the first time such a thing was done.

Puzzle maps are among the most popular type of Minecraft map. They challenge your mind, rather than your reflexes.

Another popular type focuses on parkour elements. While Minecraft may not be the first game that comes to mind when people hear the word “parkour,” it’s quite popular among fans to create obstacle course maps that require parkour navigation to reach the goal.

Adventure maps are popular, of course, as they give players locations to explore and goals to achieve. Sometimes, fans create adventure maps based on existing media, but a few even have original stories to follow as you play through them. Minecraft isn’t the best game for storytelling, but fans can be surprisingly inventive.

Survival maps, city exploration maps, and more are among the many maps you can find.

While you might initially consider it just a building game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition opens many doors because of all the different types of levels players can create. You don’t have to stick with your own world when you can check out worlds created by other people. If you’re looking for a specific type of map, you can find many archive sites online with lists of levels you can download for your game. Most have separate categories for Minecraft: Pocket Edition puzzle maps, parkour maps, etc., so you can narrow down your choices. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s probably a Minecraft map out there for you.

What is your favorite map type in Minecraft: Pocket Edition? Is there a type of map you’d love to play that is much rarer or hasn’t been created at all? And if you’re a Minecraft: Pocket Edition map creator, let us know in the comments some of the maps you’ve created.