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2008 saw the release of a science fiction horror game called Dead Space. Although it wasn’t traditional survival horror, it won players hearts with its bleak atmosphere, disturbing story, and the macabre requirement to dismember the monstrous Necromorphs. It followed engineer Isaac Clarke through a horrifying adventure on a mining ship.

In 2009, Visceral Games released a rail shooter tie-in called Dead Space: Extraction. It was later remade and packaged with the PlayStation 3 version of the next main-series entry, Dead Space 2, which came out in 2011.

Both games were very popular, and 2013 saw the release of Dead Space 3. It’s probably the most controversial among fans, since it dropped most of its horror trappings in favor of more action-oriented gameplay.

Although it sold well, it fell short of EA’s sales expectations. This led to a rumor that Dead Space 4 had been cancelled, along with the entire series. EA denied the claim and said Dead Space was still an important IP.

The silence since then led many fans to believe Dead Space 4 really was dead, but it’s still too early to lose hope. Three years have passed since Dead Space 3 came out. It’s the longest gap between games in the series to date, but Dead Space never had annual releases. The developer has also been busy working on the Battlefield series, as well as an unnamed Star Wars game, leaving little time for another project.

Last year, the general manager of Visceral Games expressed his desire to work on the Dead Space series again. He has since left the company, but hopefully he didn’t take his interest in Dead Space with him.

Visceral’s Star Wars game is a likely candidate for an announcement at E3 2016. A new Battlefield game is also in development and planned for this year, but it’s unclear if Visceral is involved or not. Once the Star Wars title is out of the way, perhaps Visceral Games will finally return to Dead Space.

Do you want them to make Dead Space 4? If so, would you prefer the more horror-oriented style of the original or the actionized direction Dead Space 3 took it? What direction would you like the story to take?

Dead Space 4 remains elusive, but it’s not too late to restore the series to life. Share all of your thoughts on Dead Space 4 with us in the comments below.