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Grand Theft Auto is easily Rockstar’s biggest series, and after GTA 5, it is certainly no mystery as to why. Well, with a franchise as big as theirs, it should come as no surprise that fans can hardly wait for news on the next title in the series and see just how much they can scrounge from the new information.

Well, one rumour that does come to mind is the notion of its release date, with people speculating that late 2018 to some point in 2019 could be the possible release date for the title. I’m sure fans are hopeful it won’t take another 3 years for many people’s favourite franchise to get another title, but it is rumoured on why that length of time could be the case for GTA 6. The reason behind it is the possible notion of VR (virtual reality) support being placed into the game. With VR support slowly increasing in popularity among gamers, it wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for a AAA game to include VR capabilities.

With VR being vastly improved over the coming years, its support being included in major titles might be more than just a pipe dream. With Rockstar including a first-person perspective for the re-release of GTA 5 to popular acclaim, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they did the same for GTA 6. Plus, with first-person being the ideal perspective for VR with a headset, you can hazard a guess on how well VR could pan out and why they might be inputting it into GTA 6.

Another popular rumour for the game is the inclusion of the series’ first ever lead female character. Co-creator of the GTA franchise was once quoted saying that a female lead just didn’t feel right. However, he did state, “in the future could we do a game with a female lead character? Of course!” He also went on to say that they were just looking for the right game for the character. By the sounds of things, that right game might just be GTA 6, which would be the first inclusion of a female lead in the Grand Theft Auto series and could even become a staple of the series if done correctly.

A couple of other rumours for the game have to do with Ryan Gosling lending his voice talent to the game as a possible male lead for the game. The other being in relation to the map that the game will be taking place in this time around. Some people are currently speculating that some of the other previous GTA maps will be redone and revamped for GTA 6, making the game on a scale that we haven’t quite seen before. Whereas others believe the franchise might be going back to its London roots, but as of right now that can’t exactly be confirmed nor denied.

For the time being Rockstar have kept themselves tightlipped on the rumours and have yet to really reveal anything about the game as a whole. The developers will be sure to let the fans know more about the game when the time is right, but for now we’re simply stuck speculating.