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Candy Crush Saga is an incredible hit. When the match-three mobile puzzle game launched in 2012, it became hugely popular. To many people, Candy Crush Saga is more or less synonymous with mobile gaming.

And while it’s seen official sequels as well as imitators, the original Candy Crush Saga shows no sign of disappearing. The developer still regularly supports it with more content. As of the latest update, which added 15 new levels, Candy Crush Saga now has 1535 levels in the mobile version and an incredible 1565 levels in the web version.

15 levels in a single update isn’t a lot, but the developer adds new content so regularly that even small bursts like that keep it alive—especially when those updates are free. Candy Crush Saga has other microtransactions to keep itself profitable without relying on paid level packs.

The latest set of 15 levels for the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga comes as part of an episode called Candy Canyon. Candy Canyon is the first episode of World 25, following Lullaby Lake, which concluded World 24. If you complete Candy Canyon, you’ll receive the title Sweet Sleeper, but it won’t be easy. Candy Canyon contains some of the most challenging levels seen in the game so far.

Candy Canyon was released as an update for the mobile game on February 24, a couple of weeks after its addition to the web version. The remaining episodes in World 25, Biscuit Bay and Wacky Waterhole, are already available for the web game and should be added to the mobile game within the next few weeks. That will bring the total up to 1565 levels.

The developer of Candy Crush Saga, King, has recently been acquired by Activision Blizzard. It’s unclear if Activision’s acquisition will have any effect on Candy Crush Saga, but it probably won’t. Candy Crush Saga will be a great boon to Activision Blizzard’s position in the mobile market, and there is no reason for them to change a successful formula.

The 15 levels released in Candy Canyon brings Candy Crush Saga’s level count up to 1535, two more upcoming episodes put 30 more levels on the horizon, and the mobile giant shows no sign of slowing down.

If you’re a Candy Crush Saga fan, let us know your thoughts on the latest levels in the comments below.