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WhatsApp has become one of the most used mobile messaging applications out there, being used by over 1 billion people. The developers are updating the version for Android OS frequently, but it seems that they’ve decided to make things easier.

We remind you that, in the past, you had to open the browser and head to, download the APK file to your Android smartphone, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your device and only after that you were able to install the WhatsApp APK file that you’ve downloaded from the official WhatsApp website.

Well, the new BETA channel that’s found inside the Google Play Store makes things way much easier for the users. With other words, once a new WhatsApp BETA version is released, you will be able to get the BETA program that’s inside the Google Play Store.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp BETA versions might come with new features and functionality that are not yet ready to b released for the STABLE version of the application. With other words, you may find some errors or bugs while using the new beta versions.

We’re pretty sure that many users, especially those who don’t trust to download applications from the internet, will now start using the WhatsApp BETA program that’s inside the Google Play Store.

The latest WhatsApp BETA version is 2.12.483 and comes with bug fixes and other improvements. Keep in mind that you can still use the old way to install the latest WhatsApp BETA version, so if you don’t want to join the WhatsApp BETA program on the Google Play Store, you can still download the APK file from the official WhatsApp website and manually install it on your Android smartphone.

What are your thoughts about the new WhatsApp BETA program? Have you installed a WhatsApp BETA version using the old fashion way? Will you start using the new WhatsApp BETA program that comes inside the official Android store?