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If you’ve been a fan of geography or just exploration in general, then you’ve probably heard about Google Earth, it’s been around for quite a while now and everyone has used it to some extent.

It’s the service which allows you to use data gathered by the various satellites in orbit around our planet, Google Earth provides anyone who’s interested a one click method of exploring their local neighborhood, cities or even take a look inside other countries. It’s a massive collection of images compiled together and displayed on a spherical structure, ultimately making up our entire world, ready to be displayed on your screen.

Google Earth Pro

The Pro version of Google Earth however has always been intended for commercial purposes, companies all across the world are able to use its services but the most important and frequent users perhaps are news channels.

News channels have developed their own versions and variants with animations to zoom in on the various cities that involve their current story, movies and TV shows alike have also been using the data from Google Earth Pro for various scenes, whether it’s the latest spy thriller or just a crime investigation drama, Google Earth Pro’s services have been used in the background for quite a long time.

Installing Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro had previously required an annual license fee of $399 per year, this however, has now been removed and Google Earth Pro can now be used completely free of charge.

In order to install Google Earth Pro, simple follow these steps:

  • Search for “Google Earth Pro” or simply open this link to be taken directly to the page.
  • You’ll find the license agreement for Google Earth Pro which you can simply agree to and install the download immediately,
  • After the download is finished and the installation process has fnialized, simply run the program.
  • Google Earth Pro will ask you for a license key, which you can provide if you already have one, otherwise you’re in luck because Google Earth Pro is now free to use, simply use the key “GEPFREE” to authenticate yourself.

And that’s all you need to do to enjoy all the features that Google Earth Pro has to provide, keep in mind however that Google Earth Pro is meant to be for commercial purposes, there’s no harm in using it for your personal use but you’ll find little use for the additional features that you’re provided with.

If you’re only interested in viewing the Earth then you don’t need to look any further than just the regular Google Earth since most of the features in Google Earth Pro are for enterprises and companies which rely on its capabilities for their profits, for a simple household user, Google Earth Pro is just a glorified version of Google Earth with just a few features that he won’t be using.