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You might have heard that Adobe Flash is no longer necessary or that it’s a dying piece of technology, well the fact is that with the recent innovations in HTML5 we don’t actually need Adobe Flash Player to stream our videos and do simple animations but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely obsolete for everyday household users.

So why exactly do we need Adobe Flash Player?


When it comes to streaming online media, Adobe Flash Player has been doing so for decades, whether you wish to stream an mp3 song or an HD video straight from YouTube, you’ll need to install Adobe’s Flash Player to do so.

Recent web developers however have begun to use HTML5 to do so, removing the requirement of installing Adobe Flash Player for streaming services, this is also true for major services like YouTube which have moved away from Flash ever since the onset of HTML5.


When it comes to animating websites, you’ll see Flash on pretty much every one of them, this is mostly because Flash, at its core is an animation software which is also capable of doing much more than just animating, therefore when it comes to adding an animated banner to your website, Flash is the first piece of tech to look at.

Currently however, due to Flash’s adverse effects on website performance it’s slowly being replaced by other alternatives but quite a few websites out there as well as advertisement companies use Flash to animate their banners.

Internet Applications

Flash is also widely used for internet applications across the globe, due to its capabilities of setting up a phenomenal user interface and a long history of web applications being developed for the Adobe Flash Player, there’s more than enough documentation out there for you to simply find all the answers to your problems with a simple search.

Flash has also been used for more than just web apps, there are countless fully functional online games available on the internet no matter what genre you wish to look for, from first person shooters to real time strategy games, there’s a never ending array of entertainment waiting for people of all ages.

The future of Flash Player

At the end of the day though, the development for Flash applications has stopped significantly, mostly due to the innovations in other languages, especially HTML5.

HTML5 has allowed developers to directly embed certain file formats without having to use a third party application such as Adobe Flash Player, what this means is that over time, the use of Flash will definitely boil down to only a few websites but that’s not the case as of now, it’s still going to take quite a while until the last content providers make the switch over to HTML5, whether they’re holding on to Flash for the ease of advertisement or just because they don’t wish to spend anything un upgrading their website, the fact remains.

You will need Flash to enjoy everything that the internet has to offer.