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Pokemon GO is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to a Pokemon fan ever, short of having a real life Pikachu hop on your shoulder and explain its adoration for you in high pitch “Pika’s!”

If you don’t know already, Pokemon GO is set to cause augmented reality Pokemon to show up on your mobile in real word settings that you get to explore with your device. You can capture, train, battle, and even trade your Pokemon, all of which can be found around your local surroundings. This is the closest thing fans will ever have to Pokemon in real life for quite some time, so it comes as no surprise on why it’s so popular amongst gamers.

The only real downside with Pokemon GO right now is the fact we know so little about it, despite it is meant to come out some time this year. Other than a couple of trailers, none of which actually showcase gameplay, there is little to go on when it comes to Pokemon GO. Thankfully, a new amount of information is about to be storming into the public eye, all in the shape of GDC, (Game Development Convention).

Developers of the game, Niantic are set to discuss the development of the game and more of the mechanics we’re likely to see in the game, rather than anything too substantial. Although it may not reveal to us the release date of said game, it doesn’t mean it won’t give us a general view of what might be appearing into the game a little closer to release.

Niantic have plans to give an in-depth look at how players will interact and explore through the world of Pokemon with their mobile device; information that has yet to be released to the public at all.

Sadly, there’s only so much the information that can be derived from GDC, but if you are at all a fan of game development or Pokemon, then tuning into this event might be in your best interest as an individual. It might answer some questions you have about the game, or it might not. But either way, the information the developers are set to release will be invaluable to see how the game is shaping up so far.

I do feel the information that is being released won’t interest everyone, but that isn’t why they’re there. They aren’t there to sell the game and big it up, although I’m sure it will help their case in doing so. It’s there to demonstrate how the development process is going, and it’s to show to people interesting factors of the game you probably wouldn’t really see anywhere else.

So, be sure to keep an eye out on the run up to GDC on March 16 to March 18th, even if it is only to get that little nugget of information when it comes to Pokemon GO.