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OnePlus 3 starts to emerge increasingly more often, although Chinese company does not want to openly talk about this new smartphone. At the Mobile World Congress 2016 OnePlus has not announced anything new, Carl Pei, founder revealed that we will not have to wait very long until we get our hands on the new device, which will be similar to previous models.

According to Pei’s statements, plans are that the new OnePlus 3 to be released in the second quarter of 2016. This means that the event will take place sometime after the beginning of April and before the end of June. The new device will adopt a different design than the one we saw at OnePlus 2. The company already tests a different design, with glass on both sides, which can be the starting point for the new model.

Also, it seems that the company’s marketing strategy will be different this time. In the past, OnePlus tried to praise its devices before being launched with all sorts sayings like “flagship killer” and “never settle”. OnePlus 3 could be the company’s first phone with a traditional promotional campaign, according to statements by Carl Pei, which could mean that the system of orders by invitation could disappear.

The only problem is that the same director hesitates to offer any kind of information on OnePlus 3’s performance and functionality. As a result, we will have to content ourselves with speculation. Carl Pei, however, asserts that the new phone will engage users as much as it did when the first OnePlus One was launched.

The expected technical specifications: 820 Snapdragon processor, 4 or 5GB RAM, 16 or 64GB versions with storage space and Full HD screens or QHD, depending on the model.