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Previous rumors claimed that the game will arrive in 2018, but now we have new regarding GTA 6’s release date, and it seems that Rockstar is taking the time to work on the storyline, the new lead character and the maps. In parallel, an individual developer has prepared a VR version for the current GTA 5 which will be brutal and will have a mind-blowing gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto V had an enormous success and after its launch in 2013, Rockstar has brought many updates which patched issues found by the players, along with new content and missions. The game was continuously improved and the developers will not stop here. But, they mustn’t neglect the next installment, which was rumored to be released in 2018.

In the past months, it was intensively talked about the addition of a female protagonist to the GTA 6. This information hasn’t been confirmed by Rockstar, but co-founder Dan Houser has said in the past that the chances to have a female protagonist are low, then he changed his mind and suggested that Rockstar is taking this idea into consideration. The secrecy that revolves around this character made the fans think of a famous actress that might lend her voice to bring to life the female protagonist, and it’s Eva Mendes, the real life partner of Ryan Gosling, which will also voice as the main character.

Other rumors suggest that Rockstar will introduce multiple characters and protagonists, and new features such as teleportation, while the maps will be larger, containing either US or the maps from the previous installments, attached, such as Vice City, Liberty City and Los Santos. If the teleportation feature will be added, then it will work the same as in the Need for Speed game.

Anyway, the GTA 6 will most likely be released in 2019, maybe because the developers want to make sure that the game will be compatible with VR headsets. Until then, maybe you will be interested in trying out the VR version of the GTA 5, created by Joseph Delgado. He posted a teaser video on YouTube, but he removed it in the meantime.