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Rockstar has organized a new event for the GTA 5 Online players, which will end today. “Friends in High Places Week” is the name of the event which brought double GTA$ & RP to the players who completed contact missions and today, they will receive a double reward on all the contact missions of the game

The “Friends in High Places Week” started last Friday, and the players received double GTA$ and RP on all the Simeon’s Contact Missions, plus Double GTA$ on all the Import and Export requests of Simeon. On Saturday, the players were rewarded with GTA$ and RP on all the Ron’s Contact Missions, plus they were able to buy blazers at a discount of 50 percent. On Sunday, the rewards continued for Trevor’s Contact Missions and the players were given a 50 percent discount on all the Jerry Cans. In the next day, the players have received a 10 percent discount on Stilt houses in addition to the double GTA$ and RP for completing all of Martin’s Contact Missions. Tuesday was the day when Lester’s Contact Missions have given the players bonuses, as the players have received a discount of 25 percent on all of the Lester Services. Yesterday, all of the Gerald’s Contact Missions have rewarded the players with double GTA$ and RP, and the Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols were available at a discount of 50 percent. Today, when the event will end, the players will earn double GTA$ and RP on all the Contact Missions.

“Friends in High Places Week” was Rockstar’s way to make its fans feel spoiled, but they needed to work harder in order to get bonuses in GTA 5 Online and their rewards were doubled only if they completed these contact missions.

Some players believe that Rockstar is buying time to create Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC, and even though there were hints from Franklin’s voice actor that suggested that the developers will bring some story DLC soon, Rockstar refused to comment on this subject and the players are worried that narrative content will not be released too soon because of the GTA Online events.