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The biggest appeal of Pokémon GO comes from the fact that you’ll be able to find, battle, and catch Pokémon in real life. Niantic plans to cover a wide variety of regions, so even players who live in smaller areas will be able to locate Pokémon within a few minutes.

The Pokémon available will be location-based to make it more realistic. For example, water Pokémon will be found near the water. Others might live in certain parts of the world. Rare Pokémon (such as Legendary Pokémon) will only exist in a few locations. Some players have speculated that Pokémon GO might follow seasonal changes and weather conditions as well, such as having certain Pokémon found only in the winter or during rainstorms, but we don’t know yet if that will be true.

The bottom line is that wild Pokémon will be found in areas of the real world just like they are in the traditional games. This should encourage players to check a wide variety of locations to see what Pokémon they can find.

But everyone has to start somewhere.

Once Pokémon GO is available, where will you take it first? What is the first location you’ll check to try to catch a Pokémon?

Will you start in your own backyard or an area near your house, and only travel until your first encounter? Is there a specific area nearby you want to check, like a park, a local business, or a forest?

And moving beyond your first Pokémon, what areas are you most excited about searching for Pokémon in? The next time you go on vacation, you might find Pokémon you could never find at home. Any trip might give you an opportunity to add new creatures to your team.

Do you think it might even encourage you to travel more, with catching new Pokémon as an added incentive? Personally, even StreetPass adds a little something special to trips, so searching for Pokémon would make me much more inclined to travel.

Many people who played Pokémon have probably dreamed of setting out on a Pokémon adventure of their own, catching Pokémon in the wild, and battling other trainers. This will be the closest we’ve gotten.

As we wait for Pokémon GO to come out, let us know your plans for traveling and searching for Pokémon.