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Adobe Flash is a powerful plugin which allows browsers to stream media as well as allow users to enjoy some quality casual gaming on various websites without having to individually download apps for each of them.

Unfortunately, Adobe is no longer supporting Flash for the newer versions of Android and as such, we’re required to do some workarounds to get the application working and fully functional for us.

Adobe Flash Player for Android

You might have noticed that the Flash Player is no longer available on the app store, as such, there’s no way to directly download Flash from Google’s Play Store.

Before Jelly Bean

If your Android device is a rather old one then you can simply enjoy an official version of Adobe Flash Player by:

  • Connect your Android Device to the internet.
  • Open the settings menu and browse to “Security”, (on older versions of Android, you might have to go to “Applications” instead of “Security”)
    • Allow applications from “Unknown Sources” to be installed on your device. You should see this option under “Security” for newer phones and under “Applications” for older ones.
  • Open your phone’s browser and either:
  • You’ll have to find a version of Flash for your Android version and click the link to download the version in question.
  • After the download finishes, you can either directly install the app through the notification in your dropdown notification menu or use a file manager software to browse to Downloads and run the APK file from there.
  • Allow the application to be installed and you’ll have completed the process of installing Adobe Flash Player for your Android device.

Keep in mind that official support for Flash for Android has stopped so if you’re facing any issues then Adobe nor Google are going to help you in any way, this is just a gesture from Adobe allowing you to download all previous versions of Flash in case your device isn’t compatible or functioning properly with its current one.

Other Alternatives

Luckily though, we have quite a few third party applications which provide Flash support and one of these applications is Puffin Browser, here‘s the link to the app’s page on Google Play Store.

Unfortunately however, with the lack of official support for Flash, we’re left with third parties that may or may not solve our problems, these alternatives however will only solve the problems temporarily, in time, we’re bound to let Flash go simply because other basic are able to provide much more than Flash at a much lower performance cost.

Most modern phones that supported Flash would still heat up and drain battery rather quickly, simply because of the various optimization issues that Flash had, the constant need for critical security updates and the countless occurrences of vulnerabilities which left users unprotected has ultimately started the countdown on Adobe Flash’s demise, it’s only a matter of time until it stops being an integral part of every modern browser and computer.