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Rockstar has prepared, for the GTA 5 Online players, a special event called “Friends in High Places”, which offers double the amount of GTA money and RP. The players will receive contact missions and if they complete them, their reward will be doubled, and there are two remaining jobs. In this article we’ll tell you also about the release date of The Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine.

The GTA 5 Online players who will complete missions will make extra GTA money until February 25. This event kicked off on February 21 and the players received double GTA$ & RP on all Trevor’s Contact Missions, plus 50% off Jerry Cans, then, in the next day, they received double GTA$ & RP on all of Martin’s Contact Missions, plus 10% off Stilt Houses and yesterday, they received double GTA$ & RP on all of Lester’s Contact Missions plus 25% off Lester Services.

The bonuses will continue today, so by completing all of Gerald’s Contact Missions, the players will get double GTA$ & RP and 50% off Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols, while tomorrow, the those who will complete all Contact Missions in GTA Online, will receive double GTA$ & RP and discounts on Rifle Ammo – 50%, Body Armor – 50%, Grenades – 25% and Sticky Bombs – 25%. The players are allowed to select contact missions from playlists, as this wasn’t possible in 2014.

As for The Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine, there are leaks about its release date, and apparently, it was set for June. The game will have a secret ending, according to a CD Projekt Red insider who posted a report about the upcoming DLC on forums, but which was removed in short time. This report claims that “BaW will offer two standard endings and one secret ending that will be available only if you did something specific in the main story. A new “Bone” sword that’s probably connected to the Brotherhood of the Wolf will be available, 4 new Skills for Combat/Alchemy/Signs and 12 New General Skills also 3 new Skills slots and 1 mutagen Slot.” The report has added that there are alternate Upgrades for each set of Witcher gear, and “Devs said that the map grows bigger over time and right now it’s around 75% of Novigrad/Velen and by the end of development it will be even bigger.”

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