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When it comes to flagships, no one does it better than Samsung, their Galaxy series has been running and staying a priority for fans across the world, but when it comes to tech and innovations, no one does it better than LG, their G series has also had its fair share of a loyal fanbase which isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But let’s take a look at what the next two names have to offer, the LG G5 vs. The Samsung Galaxy S7, keep in mind however that most of this is going to be based on rumors and some of the facts that we know, which the companies have revealed, they’re completely free to make any changes which they deem necessary.


The Galaxy S7 is pretty much a more classier and refined version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, if you’ve liked the feel of Samsung’s phones then you won’t be disappointed, Samsung has held true to their design strategies and there haven’t been many changes in the way they do things.

The LG G5 on the other hand is on a completely different level, the full metallic touch feels rather luxurious and the classy “G5” logo at the back is just the icing on top, if you’re going for a future techy feel when you’re holding your phone in your hands, we’d definitely recommend the LG G5.


As far as we know, both phones are going to be identical as far as hardware goes, they’re both running on the Snapdragon 820 with 4 GBs of RAM so performance is only going to depend on what LG and Samsung are able to do on the software side of things.

This is truly a time in modern tech where the choice between two flagships is purely based on your personal taste and preferences rather than the answer to the question: “which one has a better processor?”

Both of these phones also have an always-on display, allowing you to see the time and a few notification icons.


As for cameras, here’s where the differences start happening, the LG G5 is powered by two cameras at the back whereas Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has a single, more powerful and much faster camera.

In all honestly, if you’re interested in taking high quality pictures, Samsung is the clear winning in that regard, mostly due to the fact that their camera’s going to take much better pictures in low light scenarios than LG’s.

On the other hand, we still don’t know if LG is going to do anything interesting with their second camera, perhaps we should be patient and see what they’re up to before making any final judgements on which one’s better.

Other Features

The LG G5 is going to have add-on accessories that can be attached directly to the phone, whether it’s a high quality audio module, a camera module or just extended battery, it’s a nice thing to know that you can upgrade certain parts of your phone if you wish to do so.

The Galaxy S7 however will survive a drop in the sink, it’s water resistant (up to a limit of course) and that’s what most new buyers will be looking at, countless phones have been lost and declared dead after a drop from your hands; straight into the water.